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    ray ban sunglasses outlet sale of resources: 'Earth to us Material wealth sufficient to meet the needs of each person, but not enough to meet the greed of each person. In the past 30 years, human consumption has doubled, and the annual growth, the earth already has 1/3 of the resources have been completely destroyed. Experts say that if humans continue to maintain the current high consumption of water Huai, 50 years of marine fish will be extinct, absorb carbon dioxide forests will be completely destroyed, fresh water will be contaminated, become extremely scarce. If humans do not control their extravagant lifestyles, scientists will have to find a planet for immigrants within 50 years, and this will be an 'impossible task.' So there is only one way to choose human beings , that is, from now on a large number of cuts in production and consumption, in addition to the necessities of life manufacturing and consumption, to avoid all other non-essentials on the consumption of natural resources. World Wide Fund for Nature discount ray ban sunglasses

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    ray ban outlet whether poor or wealthy, large or small, are interdependent and can not be replaced. The creators of our living environment - designers, can no longer close the door of the design room, narcissistic hair luxury dreams, and if you witnessed a real world, it will really need the designer of this era of responsibility With a new understanding. Personality era can not continue, and symbiosis is the entire biosphere (of course, including human) to continue the only way, this half of the necessary for the survival of mankind, the other half of the human nature of the continuous transcendence of the necessary. ' April 16, 2014, by the financial media group 'successful marketing' magazine launched the 2014 China Content Marketing Festival held in Beijing, cable as marketing planning agency chairman Lu Yongfeng invited to participate in and on Internet marketing related topics to express their views, the following Is Lu Yongfeng topic speech scene Record. Today, I am honored to be with China's top marketing experts ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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    cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet yourself two questions: Do you understand your product? In terms of products, Although the catering, clothing and other sectors of the electricity business model generally, But there are still some of the industry is still in the embryonic stage, such as home appliances industry to television, for example, as of December 2013, online sales of TV only 10.3% of total sales%, And then to the automotive industry, For example, in China, the world 's largest automotive market, online channels to buy cars is still a small number of acts.This shows that companies enter the online market before the need for their products to fully understand: for the value of particularly High and experience-oriented products, is still unable to relax the line of the market operators. To consumers, companies need a comprehensive analysis of existing consumer information, consumer age, gender, occupation, income, -making and consumption habits.Network marketing, of course not only do supply providers, network marketing is also ray ban sunglasses factory outlet